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‘Türkiye Scholarships – ASEAN Joint Scholarship Programme’ has been developed to bolster cooperation with the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) and to offer the students of this region access to higher education in Türkiye. With this program, full-scope scholarships are provided at master's, research, and language course levels to citizens of Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, the Philippines, Singapore, Brunei, Vietnam, Laos, Myanmar, and Cambodia.

The students who can get the scholarship will have the chance to experience Türkiye's rich culture, learn in an international education setting, and gain a universal perspective by fostering intercultural communication through Türkiye's robust educational infrastructure by virtue of Türkiye Scholarships – ASEAN Joint Scholarship Program that is towards young talents from ASEAN countries. 

Türkiye Scholarships - ASEAN Joint Scholarship Programme not only encourages academic achievements but also aims to foster intercultural understanding, build and enhance friendships, and promote international cooperation.

By bringing together talented young, Türkiye Scholarship – ASEAN Joint Scholarship Programme intends to deepen cultural understanding, encourage mutual learning and strengthen future cooperation. This exceptional opportunity will be a significant step towards establishing long-lasting friendships and collaboration bridges.

Applications for Master’s Degree Programmes and Language Courses are required to be submitted via the Türkiye Scholarships Information System (https://tbbs.turkiyeburslari.gov.tr/) between January 10 and March 5, 2024.  Research scholarship applications can be submitted via the same system throughout the year 2024.


Duration of Scholarship: 1-year Turkish Language Preparation Course + 2-year academic study

Universities and Programmes Covered under the Scholarship: All the universities and programmes available on the application system of Türkiye Scholarships.

Application Criteria

·         Minimum Academic Achievement Rate: 75%

·         Being under the age of 30

Coverage of Scholarship

·         University and Program Placement

·         Monthly Stipend TL 5,000

·         University Tuition Fee

·         Turkish Language Course (1 Year)

·         Accommodation

·         Health Insurance

·         One-off Flight Ticket (Prior to Study and After Completion of Study),



Duration of Scholarship: 8-10 months

Institutions Covered under the Scholarship:  

·         Ankara University

·         Ankara Hacı Bayram Veli University

·         Gazi University

Application Criteria:

·         Minimum Academic Achievement Rate: 70%

·         Being under the age of 30

Coverage of Scholarship:

·         Monthly Stipend TL 3,500

·         Turkish Language Course (8-10 months)

·         Accommodation

·         Health Insurance

·         One-off Flight Ticket 1 (Prior to Study and After Completion of Study)



Duration of Scholarship: 3-12 months

Target Audience of Scholarship: International researchers who have already enrolled on any doctorate programme abroad or have completed a doctorate programme in Türkiye or abroad.

Coverage of Scholarship:

·         Monthly Stipend TL 12,000

Universities Covered under the Scholarship: All the universities in Türkiye

Application Dates: Applications for the Research Scholarship Program are open throughout the year. Candidates can submit their applications at any time of the year. The results are periodically announced in January, April, July and October. Application periods are published on the website of Türkiye Scholarships.

Application Criteria:

·         Holding a citizenship other than that of Republic of Türkiye. Citizens of the Republic of Türkiye, dual citizens either of whose citizenship belongs to the Republic of Türkiye and those who have lost their Turkish citizenship for any reason are not permitted to apply for the Research Scholarship Programme.

·         Having completed a doctorate programme either in Türkiye or abroad or having enrolled on a doctorate programme and having further determined the topic for their thesis. The candidates still continuing their doctorate studies in Türkiye are not eligible to apply for the Research Scholarship Program.

·         Not having turned the age of 50 yet on the first day of the application year.

·         Possessing a certificate of research acceptance from a university in Türkiye.

*Certificate of Research Acceptance: An official document issued to the candidate by the appropriate department of a university in Türkiye, which represents and certifies that the candidate is authorized to utilise the university's facilities for research purposes by specifying the name of both university and department, research subject, adviser’s name, the start and end dates of research.

·         If personal data need to be collected under the scope of research through such methods as experiments, surveys, focus group interviews, practices, an "Ethics Committee Approval Certificate" must be obtained from the university Ethics committees; if the study necessitates acquiring of non-public information and documents etc from agencies and institutions, a "Legal Permission Certificate" must be obtained from the relevant government agency that is in charge of the research location.


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