Türkiye Scholarships

YTB and lsDB offer scholarships to students and scholars from lsDB member countries to pursue studies at the most prestigious universities of Türkiye. This joint initiative is a testament to our ongoing commitment to nurturing human capital development.

Potential applicants should submit their applications via Türkiye Scholarships website. Applications can be submitted in 8 languages; Turkish, Arabic, English, French, Russian, Bosnian, Persian and Spanish.

Scholarships are available for Undergraduate, Master’s and PhD degrees in a range of Science and Technology subjects for development. Selected candidates will benefit from university admission and full scholarship.

For associate degree and bachelor degree the scholarship is an interest-free loan (Qard-Hasan) to the students and a grant to the LDMCs to which they belong (since repayment is not made to lsDB but to a local trust). The associate degree and bachelor degree students are required to repay the loan after graduation and employment, in easy installments, to the lsDB Education Trust (IET), a Waqf set up (or to be set up) in the students’ countries.

For further Information about scholarship conditions and commitment, please check lsDB portal at www.isdb.org/scholarships

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