Evaluation and Selection Process

Applications for Türkiye Scholarships are considered depending on the candidate's academic success, social activities and motivation related to the chosen field.


All applications are examined on the basis of basic criteria such as minimum academic achievement, age limits set for each level of education, and required documents


Applications from eligible candidates; are considered by the Expert Committee in terms of various criteria such as academic status, previous qualifications, academic interests, career goals, consistency of preferences, content of the letter of intent, and participation in social activities.

After this stage, the final list of eligible candidates for the interview process is set.


Candidates selected from more than 100 countries in the final list are evaluated by interview committees consisting of academics and experts.

The interview, which usually lasts 15-30 minutes, is carried out in the following format:

  • Welcome and entrance
  • Check of documents
  • Purpose of the candidate's application
  • Academic knowledge and career goals
  • Closing and candidate questions to the committee

Candidates invited for the interview are required to bring all the documents and certificates of the latest education they have completed to the interview.


The results of the interviews of applicants conducted by the interview committees are evaluated by a selection committee and a list of applicants who will receive scholarships is created.

At this final evaluation stage, the general eligibility of the candidate for Türkiye Scholarships is evaluated.