Advantages of Türkiye Scholarships for International Students

Martina Delgado- Argentina- İstanbul University- Public Finance

Türkiye Scholarships is the Best Choice for You
As an international student studying in Türkiye, I want to explain the advantages of Türkiye Scholarships since studying abroad has become a very important issue for everyone. Young people realized that an international experience would greatly contribute to them in terms of both education and career, they definitely aim to study in a different country at some point in their lives. When you start researching about countries, universities and scholarship programs for studying abroad like me, you will come across a surprisingly large amount of information. Right after I finished my undergraduate education, I started doing research on education abroad in order to improve myself further, and I had a hard time choosing between the options. First of all, I examined the educational opportunities in the USA. The fact that the Fulbright program does not accept online applications and that they ask for hardcopy documents by hand was a negative factor for me. Then, I searched about the bursary opportunities in European countries such as Germany, France and England for studying abroad. I discovered a wide variety of scholarship opportunities including government scholarships. But I found programs that either covering only tuition fee or only my daily expenses. During my research, I learned about Türkiye Scholarships. Considering the quality of education and living standards, I decided that the best option for me was Türkiye Scholarships. There were so many advantages of Türkiye Scholarships for me. Because it is not only a fully funded scholarship but also a government scholarship program. In addition, it was such a quick and easy scholarship program that I thought I have to try applying no matter what. I have not regretted a single day of studying in Türkiye with Türkiye Scholarships. I would like to explain the advantages of Türkiye Scholarships for students like me who are seeking bursary to study abroad. I hope my blog post will help you with this important decision in your life.

Government Funded Scholarships
One of the advantages of Türkiye Scholarships is that it is a government scholarship program. Studying abroad with scholarship is both a prestigious and economical option for students. You can group institutions that provide grants for students who want to study abroad into 3 types: government scholarships, university scholarships and private scholarship institutions. You can easily say that more prestige is associated with government-funded scholarships. One of the reasons I preferred Türkiye Scholarships is that it is a state grant. It is a fully funded scholarship program supporting my studies.

Apart from the economic benefits Türkiye Scholarships offers me, I think having a government scholarship in my CV will always work as an added advantage. Acquiring this type of grant is always positive effects for not only academic progressions but also career opportunities. Advantages of Türkiye Scholarships will be effective in your professional career since it is a government scholarship.

Many scholarship opportunities are available to international students aiming to pursue higher education abroad. These bursary opportunities both reward successful students and reduce their financial burden. However sometimes application process might be too complex or even expensive for applicants. Therefore, students are looking for quick and easy scholarships without GRE, TOEFL or other international exams. One of the advantages of Türkiye Scholarships is that it is not require IELTS, TOEFL, SAT, GRE, GMAT scores during the application. Not requiring any international exam score makes Türkiye Scholarships one of the top bursary to apply. If we consider the expensive fees of these exams, we can clearly say that Türkiye Scholarships program is an affordable program as well as having quick and easy scholarship application.

Fully Funded Scholarships
Education and living expenses are usually one of the most critical issues for both families and students considering to study abroad. That’s why when I first decided to study abroad, I was looking a fully funded scholarship as well as quick and easy scholarship program. Because even if I get acceptance of a university and a grant for tuition fee, I knew that the other expenses like accommodation, flight ticket and food would be a significant amount. Lucky me, Türkiye Scholarships is a great economic support for me. It covers both university application fees and tuition fees. It even provides monthly stipend for my daily spending.

There are so many advantages of Türkiye Scholarships, since it is one of the most comprehensive government scholarship programs in the world. We can list all the benefits of this fully funded scholarship program provides monthly stipend, accommodation, health insurance, university and department placement, one-year Turkish language course, tuition fee and once-off flight ticket. By applying this quick and easy scholarship program, you can have great experience of studying in Türkiye.

University and Program Placement
One of the hardest part of studying abroad is to decide how many university you will apply. Because you would want to apply enough number of university to maximize your chance of acceptance. On the other hand, as you apply more university, your expenses will increase because of the university application fees. As a fully funded scholarships program, another advantage of Türkiye Scholarships is that it will guarantee your university and program placement if you got the scholarship. During your application, you will simply make a list of universities and programs you are interested in and then you will be enrolled one of them in case you win the scholarship. Therefore, with a quick and easy scholarship application of Türkiye Scholarships, you won’t need to make a separate application to the university. Even though it is a government scholarship program, you can even choose private universities in Türkiye during the application and pursue your education with fully funded scholarship.

Global Network
Making international and local friends is one of the highlights of studying abroad experience as it introduces you to people with different cultures, languages and backgrounds. These new friendships will lead to memorable experiences, fun exchanges, and a global network of friends that can later help you in your personal and professional life. As a Türkiye Scholarships grantee, I feel very lucky about being part of a global network. I have met so many great people during my studies here in Türkiye and I am also aware that I may come across with a Türkiye graduate wherever I go after my graduation. Global network is most significant advantage of Türkiye Scholarships. I feel very happy that I h was able to make so many friends with just a quick and easy scholarship application. Since Türkiye Scholarships is a fully funded scholarship program, I can easily find time to socialize in my free time.