Advice for New Students to Türkiye

Kristina Trajkovski, Serbia, Boğaziçi University, Computer Engineering
1) Discover Turkish Culture Closely!
Sometimes we prefer to be with like-minded people in our usual environments than to venture outside of our comfort zone. Since the culture of Turkey is truly unique, international students may feel overwhelmed when they encounter all this new knowledge, norms and traditions. The right thing to do at this point is to accept all of these new situations. Thanks to such an attitude, I discovered not only Turkey, but also myself. Now my favorite dish is Iskender Kebab. As a Christian, seeing the beauties of Uludağ Mosque and examining Islam from the inside out has been an eye-opening experience for me. One of my greatest memories in Turkey was dancing with street musicians in Ankara castle. Do not miss out on such amazing experiences! Don't just read about culture or just talk to people, experience it and feel it yourself!

2) Don't Miss Out On Natural and Historical Places!
No matter where you are from, ‘Turkey’ or ‘Ottoman Empire’ is no stranger to your ears. But wouldn't you like to see the sources of these names with your very own eyes? You can visit the legendary Troy, one of the natural wonders of the world, Pamukkale, Cappadocia 'built by aliens', Topkapi Palace, the home of the sultans, and many other world-famous places within the borders of just one magnificent country. I also feel like a part of history every time I visit this place.

3)Make Many Friends!
Turkey is such an attractive country that you can find people of at least ten nationalities on every street. Countless experiences, views on life, traditions... Someone you never expected could become a very important of your life. Maybe a new Turkish friend will bring you closer to your university, maybe a friend from your own country will be able to give you important advice because they discovered Turkey before you, maybe a friend from a country you have never heard of will teach you amazing things about their country. Do not be afraid to talk! People are the best thing this country can give you.

4) Enjoy University Life!
You left your country for a better academic career and a working life. Do your best for this. Attend classes and study hard as much as possible to improve yourself in the desired department. Of course, your teachers may expect a lot from you, and studying can take a lot of your time. However, you cannot lay the foundation of your future only with books. You need to expand your communication network. Be sure to join the clubs of your university related to career, sports or different fields. Life isn't just about studying. Don't wait for an opportunity to gain experience, find an opportunity, if you can't find it, create your own opportunity.

5) Share Your Experiences and Listen to the Experiences of Others!
Now you're wondering why I've been writing so long. A waste of time... Oh, not at all! Thousands of students will come to Turkey after me. If even one student reads this and finds a useful tip for experiencing this amazing but difficult international student life, I will be very happy. Be sure to share your likes and dislikes of your own experience with others!