Benefits of Studying Abroad

Taher Sallam- Egypt- Ankara University- Political Science and Public Administration

Why You Should Study Abroad?
Every students wants to know benefits of studying abroad before making a decision about this exciting adventure. Studying abroad is more than a fun experience full of excitement. This important decision will affect the rest of your life and will ensure that you are always one-step ahead in your future career, no matter which country you are living in. It will be a life-changing factor for you and you will benefit from international experience and career opportunities. Adapting to the culture of a country you are not familiar with and being away from your family during your education is not bad for personal development. Remember, facing different opinions and even challenges will help you to become a better version of yourself. This is perhaps one of the most important advantages of studying abroad. Of course, a good education will make serious contributions to become a well-equipped individual as well. This will bring self-confidence, which is one of the most crucial factor of job interviews. All big companies prefer to hire a confident person with a global communication skills.

Studying abroad is not merely about obtaining a degree but also about preparing yourself for a better future. It is a very complex and enriching experience that all students need to try.

As an international student in Türkiye, I can confidently say that studying abroad changed my life. Türkiye Scholarships has gave me a once in a lifetime chance to improve myself. Here are some of the reasons why you should consider studying abroad like me:

1- Get the Chance to Travel .
One of the biggest benefits of studying abroad would be the opportunity to travel and visit different cities in the country that you are studying. You can get to live in a brand new country with different new life style, culture and activities by studying abroad. You will have the chance to see the natural wonders, museums and landmarks to visit. Türkiye has so much to offer when it comes to natural and historical wonders. You can click here, if you want to learn more about places to visit in Türkiye.

Also, when you are abroad, you will not be limited to traveling only in the country where you are studying. One of the advantages of studying abroad is that you can also see neighboring countries. For example, if you are studying in Türkiye like me, you may find opportunity to travel to various parts of Europe. You can even have the chance to join an exchange program in Europe through Erasmus+ Program for one semester. Türkiye Scholarships supports its awardees to improve themselves by engaging international programs.

2- Improve Your Language Skills
You will have the opportunity to improve your language skills, generally both in English and local language, by studying abroad. While learning a language in school is effective, speaking it in the real world is an entirely different experience. You will more likely learn the local language faster because you practice regularly in your daily life as an international student. In my case, I took Turkish language class provided by Türkiye Scholarships at my first year here in Türkiye. By practicing and speaking regularly, I can speak in Turkish more confidently even though my classes are in English at college. You can learn more about Turkish language here, if you are a language lover.

I think it is very possible that you will improve your English as well, even though English is not the official language where you are studying. As you will meet so many international students from all over the world, English will be your common language to communicate especially at the first year. International experience will be great support for your second language. Improving your language skills is one of the most important advantages of studying abroad.


3- Seize Career Opportunities
When you finish your studies abroad and return to your home country, you will have a fresh perspective on culture, language skills, a great educational background and a willingness to learn more. It goes without saying that all of those are impressive qualities that employers are looking for. You will get ahead of your peers with your international degree and experience. Therefore, we have to underline the opportunity to work in global companies and create a successful career life as one of the benefits of studying abroad.

Global connections will benefit you as you get to meet international and local students who can become lifelong friends. Some connections can even lead to career opportunities, including internships, job offers, and business associates. In short, the wider your network, the more likely you are to connect with the broader social and business potential.

I think that Türkiye is a great place to study if you want to make a global network and seize great career opportunities. Türkiye Scholarships will connect you with the most unique and precious network of Türkiye Graduates from 165 countries. I also need to underline that studying in Türkiye will increase your chance to be hired by Turkish companies operates internationally. In my opinion, one of the most beneficial advantages of studying abroad is the future career opportunities you will get.

4- Learn a New Culture
Your international experience with a different culture allows you to broaden your worldview. One of the obvious benefits of studying abroad that you will learn new perspectives and develop awareness. For example, in your next job, you can work with people from other countries and will be able to communicate more easily with people from different backgrounds. Our cultural background has a great influence on how we react to different situations. Gaining a variety of perspectives can help you look at things in a completely new way. Meeting people with different upbringings will help you broaden your horizons and broaden your mind. The best way to achieve this is through living and studying abroad. Don’t forget that benefits of having an open mind and international mindedness will be crucial for career opportunities.

Turkish culture is well-known with its richness. You can start exploring Turkish culture here. With Türkiye Scholarships, you can experience Turkish culture

5- Improve Your Confidence
By integrating yourself into another culture, you develop valuable life skills necessary for personal growth. These skills can give you an additional boost of confidence in your personal and professional life. Studying abroad may seems challenging at first, but the challenges you overcome can help you become a more mature person. You will learn that you can often be successful in new, unexpected situations and improve your communication skills by speaking a new language. Thus, other benefits of studying abroad would be increasing your self-confidence even more through international experience. Adapting quickly to your new environment will benefit your self-confidence.

6- Why Türkiye Best Choice to Study Abroad
Studying abroad is not just about learning new things in your chosen field and career opportunities. It allows you to add something to yourself in many areas, from your personal development to your human relations. No matter what stage of your life you are in, an international experience will be a valuable asset for you. There are so many benefits of studying abroad to simply list. You will realize how it changed you and the benefits at the end of this adventure.

With Türkiye Scholarships, you can study abroad free. Before applying this program, I was determined to study abroad as it was the best thing I can do for myself. But expenses was my main concern. When I searched scholarships programs in Europe like Germany, England and France, I could not find a comprehensive scholarship program. Now here I am, studying at one of the most prestigious universities in Türkiye without worrying living and studying expenses. Türkiye Scholarships covers all the expenses of international students while giving them the chance to study in Türkiye.

I explained the benefits of studying abroad according to my experience with Türkiye Scholarships. Take this opportunity now to become a better you by studying abroad.