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In Turkey, you can enjoy all means of transportation. The major high-speed train project which will be spanned all across Turkey once it is finished will only be an addition to the stack. The variety of transportation might vary by cities.

Public Transportation

Public transportation is mostly carried out through highways in Turkey. There are different alternatives such as subway, trams, bus, taxi, suburbia trains, metro-bus, funicular railway, ferry, shared-taxi (Dolmuş), ropeway... Recently, rail transportation has improved a lot in the cities and also between cities. You can prefer rail transportation for both economic and comfortable travelling. In the cities, buses, subway and shared-taxi s (Dolmush) are commonly used.

Low-Cost Travelling For Students

Students can use transportation except taxies with discount by using student id card and free pass. However, the rules of getting free pass can vary by cities (Municipalities). Students can get information from the cities' transportation directorates. You have to show your student id to take advantage of discount for public transportation.


Foreign drivers have to present their translated driving licenses approved by notary or consulates. Renting a car in Turkey can be done through the offices of 'rent a car' at the airports or city centers.

Intercity Travelling

There are many alternatives in intercity travelling. You can also use land, air and sea transportation. Plane, fast ferry, train, fast train and bus are the most preferred vehicles in the cities. Travelling by bus is possible to all cities in Turkey. It is also possible to arrive in almost all cities by plane from İstanbul, Ankara and İzmir. For flight and other details on intercity travelling please visit: www.turkishairlines.com.tr and www.tcdd.gov.tr.