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Media, Libraries And Clubs

medya-kutuphane1TV Channels

There are 258 tv channels (27 national, 16 regional and 215 local channels) in Turkey. There are three types of broadcasting as terrestrial, cable and satellite broadcasting. You can also reach all these channels through internet. Daily broadcast stream can be followed through national newspapers and websites.


The press in Turkey is really colorful and rich. There are lots of newspapers and journals making the press mobile. Local newspapers are published in many cities. In addition to national press, it is also possible to find printed press in different world languages at the points of sales. It is also possible to read all the newspapers through internet.

National and State Libraries

National libraries are where printed press from Turkey and around the world is stored. İstanbul Beyazıt State Library, Ankara National Library and İzmir National Library are among the most popular places for international and local students, experts and researchers for their reseraches.

University Libraries

Almost all universities have their own libraries. Most university libraries are open to students from other universities as well as their own students.

Libraries with Specialized Subjects

These libraries are places where books and documents about special subjects can be found. People with certain professions and some industry associations can also get help from these libraries.

• Atatürk Library – İstanbul

• İSAM (Centre for Islamic Studies) – İstanbul

• German Archaeological Institution Library – İstanbul

• İstanbul Research Institution Library - İstanbul

• Süleymaniye Library – İstanbul

• İstanbul Women's Library – İstanbul

• Ankara Bar Associations Library for Visiually Disabled -Ankara

• Yapı Kredi Atatürk Library – Ankara

Public Libraries

Most of these libraries belong to the Ministry of Culture and Tourism. They serve to all kind of readers from any profession and range of age. There are over a hundred public libraries in Turkey.


In addition to the universities with high standard education for students; seminars which are set up by various organizations, symposiums, conferences and panels give students opportunities to improve their knowledge of certain field.

Social Clubs

Each university has its socio-cultural clubs on a variety of topics. Many activities are organized such as movies, concerts and art shows. Students can sign up for individual sports like skiing, trekking, tennis and swimming; and also they can join team sports like baseball, football and volleyball. There are intercollegiate racing teams in swimming, baseball, football and etc. in many universities. Also, there are other clubs which people with disability can join comfortably and take advantage of social activities.