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Culture, Art and History

Turkey is a unique country with its natural wonders, history and culture. With plenty of civilizations from the past, the land Turkey sits on can be described as an outdoor museum. Turkey, which has carried the bright structure of every civilization until today, attracts the attention of the world as a unique country in which art and culture are on a constant display.

Almost every city in Turkey has its own value of tourism, which reminds us a paradise with its mountains, rivers, caves, ski resorts and beaches.

In Turkey, there are 9 cultural and natural inheritances as the 'world heritage', a status given by UNESCO to internationally unique splendors, monuments and sites because they are worthy of protection and admiration.

kultur-sanat2Among many, here are some of the historical places you can enjoy visiting: Istanbul, city of Safranbolu (Karabük), Hattuşaş (Boğazköy)- Capital of Hittite (Çorum), Mount Nemrut (Adıyaman-Kahta), Xanthos-Letoon (Antalya-Muğla), Divriği Ulu Camii and Hospital (Sivas), the ancient city of Troy (Çanakkale), Pamukkale-Hierapolis (Denizli), Göreme National Park and Cappadocia (Nevşehir).

Visiting these places while you study will give you the opportunity to comprehend Turkey's cultural and historical richness. For more information, you can visit the website of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, Directorate General of Cultural Beings and Museums at www.kulturvarliklari.gov.tr.

Recently, there is a vividness in arts such as cinema, theatre and music. International and national cinema, music and theatre festivals are organized throughout the year in most of the cities, especially in Ankara and İstanbul. To follow the events, you can visit state theaters and opera and ballet general directorate's website at:

www.devtiyatro.gov.tr and

www.dobgm.gov.tr .

If you are interested in history and culture, you can visit museums and the ruins which are over 300 in numbers, and also which are subject to the Ministry of Culture and Tourism and Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, for a year without paying anything by getting a 'museum card' for a nominal fee and submitting your student id. The details could be found at: www.muze.gov.tr.


International Adana Golden Ball Film Festival, Ankara International Film Festival, İstanbul International Film Festival, International Antalya Golden Orange Film Festival, Bursa Silk Road Festival, Filmekimi, International Short Film Festival, Flying Broom International Women's Film Festival are of the main ones.


Ankara International Music Festival, Akbank Jazz Festival, Bursa Rock Festival, Rumeli Hisarı Concerts, Rock'n Coke, İzmir European Jazz Festival, İstanbul Jazz Festival, Freshtival, Rock İstanbul are important organizations where local and foreign artists take place in. Also, spring festivals and music festivals are organized by the majority of the universities every year. For the detailed information, you can visit the websites of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, İstanbul Foundation for Culture and Arts or municipalites. www.kultur.gov.tr