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Security and Law

guvenlik-yasalarTurkey is a safe place; if you face an unpleasant situation, you can report to the closest police station or you can call 155 (The nationwide emergency number for police). Police Officers can assist you in other foreign languages while dealing with the issue within a short period of time.

Obeying the laws and regulations which apply to the internationals in Turkey would simply save you from encountering bad situations.

For instance, according to the ''Passport Law'' no 5682, it is obligatory to submit a valid passport to enter Turkey through the border gates, which are open to international passenger traffic, by the police offices and complete the procedures of customs. After entering the country, '' according to the law no 5683 about the foreigners' travel and residence, it is an obligation to apply to the Foreigners' Department in Provincial Security Directorates within 30 days at the latest. When the residence permit is over or before the expiration date you should apply again within 15 days at the latest. When changing permanent address, it is obligatory to report your address within 48 hours. Changing marital status, the period to submit is 15 days and if you lose the residence permit report, you should inform the police about it.

If you are still studying or intend to extend your study, or need time for your preparations for departure or wanting to spend your holidays in Turkey after you complete your education, you can take residence permit for another 6 months.