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Working Life

calisma hayatiInternational students cannot work for an income while studying. New regulations are being discussed by the government to regulate the work life of internationals in Turkey. However, universities in Turkey offer a variety of intensive training programs for their students to gain work experience while studying.

Therefore, there are lots of public institutions, non-governmental organizations, private institutions (Operating in tourism, trade, communication, etc.) that supply internship opportunities. In addition to the internship opportunities in the country, there are other opportunities abroad. Especially with non-government organizations and private institutions out of country give chances to have international internship experience.

Main Institutions With Internship Programs Are:

The Grand National Assembly of Turkey gives the opportunity of "Legislative Process" internship for the students studying in the field of law, communication, computer siciences, international relations...

Also, public institutions such as TÜBİTAK, Central Bank of Turkey, IMKB, TRT; private companies and banks have their own internship programs.