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barinma1We can say that you are lucky for being student in Turkey when it comes to accommodation, too. The dormitories are mostly state-run (Yurt-Kur) but there are also private dormitories and some non-profit foundations' dorms. In addition to these, some universities have their own residences.

If you don't want to stay in dormitories, there are other choices ranging from luxurious residents to moderate and smaller apartments. There must be a suitable choice among these for you. It is our advise that until you get to know your school and the city that you will be staying, it is better for you to stay in dormitories. We would like to inform that the standards of the state-run dormitories, which serves through the year including semesters and summer holiday, have risen notably in recent years.

But, if you still want to rent a house, the shortest way is to do some research on internet or knock the door of real estate agency in your neighborhood. If you have extra time, it is also possible to find a house by wandering around and looking a house for rent. When you rent a house via agency, you should prepare to discard one-month rental as an agency cut. Also, you should take into consideration paying a deposit whether you are renting the house directly or through an agency. The amount of deposit is equal to approximately one-month rental. However, at the end of the tenancy contract, if you hand in the house in full, the deposit you paid will be given back to you.

It is also possible to find a house, which is heated with coal, natural gas or fuel-oil preferably. Besides, you can also prefer a house with central or apartment heating. If you want a telephone in your house, you can start your subscription through 'Türk Telekom'. For internet access, you can choose one out of several companies. You should get information about the internet quota or about what kind of calls allowed (Trunk calls, international calls, mobile). You should tick this choice during the subscription for the international calls. It's for your benefit to subscribe for your house's systems of natural gas, electricity and water systems at the related quarters. Don't forget to cancel your subscription when your rental contract is over.

You can find several alternatives about house decorations. You can also visit some stores and markets, where you can find second-hand furniture, while you can also find new ones.