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alisverisYou are at the right spot if you love shopping since Turkey is a shopping heaven; especially the metropolises. You can find whatever you want at the marketplaces, which are in almost every corner. If you want more reasonable and authentic shopping for nutrients like vegetables and fruits, your best choice is the local markets (bazaar), which are set up on certain days of the week. Also, there are giant shopping centres by the international standards. Local markets will give you the opportunity to enjoy your time with Turkish people while they supply you inexpensive goods with quality. If it sounds too old-fashioned for you, don't be discouraged. In this country, there is everything for everyone's taste. Enormous-sized shopping malls containing all kinds of activity from movie and theatre saloons where you can watch films, play games, and participate in cultural activities such as ballet to cafes and restaurants, and also world-wide brands are waiting just for you. If we claim that no other country can compete with the shopping centres in Türkiye, we wouldn't be exaggerating. You will see how we are right about it especially if you are in a big city like İstanbul, Ankara and İzmir.