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Turkic Studies

Institute of Turkic Studies at Istanbul University

The institute aims to research the Turkish culture and civilization's language, literature, history, art and folkloric wealth in relation to neighboring cultural world and to raise scholars in the needed areas of Turkic Studies and in the same way, to produce knowledge.

M.A. Program in Turkic Studies, as an interdisciplinary program, aims to raise scholars to make researches on Turkic world in all aspects and to make scientific studies in the area to produce knowledge.

M.A Courses

• Turkish Language
• Turkish Literature
• Turkish History
• Turkish Art

PhD Courses

• Ottoman Turkish Text Studies I
• Introduction to General Turkish History
• Fine Arts
• Oldest Inscriptions of Turkic Language
• Ottoman Turkish Text Studies II
• Sources of General Turkish History
• History of Architecture
• Sources of Turkish Literature

Institute of Turkic Studies at Hacettepe University (MA and PhD Programs)

Presenting to science world Turkish history and cultural existence and the cultures and the course of interaction which this existence has a relationship and the consequences about social, political and cultural values of the prominent countries of the region and world which have been obtained by scientific method and an interdisciplinary approach within the scope of correct and global values; interpreting the basic dynamics of Turkish culture again according to the requirements of time, carrying out high level research, education and instruction activities in order to solve national and international problems faced in historical times and present day and make society acquire these.

MA Courses

• Introduction to Turkic Studies
• Methodology of Turkic Studies
• Seminar in Research Methods in Turkic Studies
• History of Contemporary Turkey
• Verbal and Moral Sources of Turkish Culture
• Inventory of Regional Realm of Turkish Culture I
• Computer Techniques at Cultural Inventory Studies
• Social Analysis at Turkic Studies
• Everyday Knowledge and Typology of Socio-cultural Behavior
• Culture Based Method at Teaching Turkish as a First Language
• Turkish Worker Immigration and Intercultural Adaptation Problem
• Socio-Cultural Problems of Minority Turkish Communities
• Audio- Visual Sources of Turkish Culture
• Lexicography and Encyclopedia Techniques
• Turkish Lexicography Studies
• Turkic Studies and Writing Cultural History
• Source Languages at Turkic Studies
• Cities and Historical Environment
• Middle Asia Turkic Republics in 20th Century
• History of Turkish Law
• Endangered Turkic Languages
• Socio-cultural structure of Turkic World

PhD Courses

• Theories of Culture and Turkic Studies
• Turkic Studies in the World
• Source Texts in Turkic Studies
• Interaction Zone of Altaic Language
• Endangered Turkic Languages
• Texts in History of Science
• Relations between Oral Culture and Written Culture
• Turkish Modernization
• Intercultural Youth Studies
• Globalization and Turkic Studies
• Turkish Demographic Movements and Immigration
• Orientalism
• Comparative Turkic Mythology
• Altaic Mythology
• History of Turkish Thought and Turkish Thinkers
• Studies in Old Turkish Inscriptions
• Texts in Uighur
• Old Turkish Paleography
• Ottoman Paleography
• Comparative Turkish Art
• City Culture in Turkish World
• Old Turkish Art
• Turkish Image in Historical Process
• History of Medieval Turkish Law

MA in the Geography of Turkic World Section at Marmara University

The Geography of Turkic World Section Institute of Turkic Studies at Marmara University was founded in 1997. The Geography of Turkic World Section had begun to Post-Graduate education in 1997-1998.

The curriculum consists of various courses of about geography of the Turkic world like The Natural geography of Turkic World, The Human and Economic Geography of the Turkic World, The Political Geography of the Turkic World and Contemporary Turkish Dialects.


• Research Methods in Geography
• Contemporary Turkish Languages: Grammar
• Contemporary Turkish Languages: Texts
• Geography of Southwest Asia
• Historical Problems of Caucasus Republics
• Geography of Caucasusn and Idıl-Ural Region
• Middle Asia Turkish Republics
• Turkic Art in Central Asia
• The Demographical and Political Structure of Turkish World
• Natural Geography of Turkic World
• Economic Geography of the Turkic World
• Energy Sources of Turkic World
• The Geology and Geomorphologic Characteristics of Turkic World
• Agricultural Geography of Turkic World