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Türkiye Scholarships Postgraduate and Undergraduate Programmes received 82.000 applications from 176 countries. During the application period between April 19, 2014 and May 19, 2014 Türkiye Scholarship Undergraduate Programmes received 45.581 applications from 166 countries. As a result, the number of international student, who want to study in Türkiye within the scope of Turkiye Scholarship Programmes, reached high record.

Compared to last year, in 2014, 14.555 more applicants have applied to Türkiye Scholarship Undergraduate Programmes and the number of applicants increased by 47 percents and reached 1,5 time more than 2013. In 2013 applicants from 145 countries have applied to Türkiye Scholarship Undergraduate Programmes and in 2014 the number of countries has increased to 166.

Great Interest to Postgraduate Programmes

Postgraduate applications increased substantially as well. Total number of applications for Postgraduate Programmes is 36.164 while it was 24.045 in 2013.

Applications From All Over The World

Top five countries with the most applications for 2014 Türkiye Scholarship Undergraduate Programmes are Syria, Afghanistan, Egypt, Yemen and Somalia; and for 2014 Postgraduate Programmes are from Pakistan, Afghanistan, Palestine, Syria and Somalia.

Türkiye Scholarship is Turkey's international education brand and with aplications from China, Norway, Armenia, Vietnam, Zambia, Russia, Spain, Japan, Mongolia, Kosovo, India, Benin, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Iran, Brazil, Tanzania and Israel it receives every year more demands than previous years.