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To the Attention of the 2013 Türkiye Scholarship Students

We need some information about you specifically to start your health insurance procedures. In addition, we will ask some of your personal information in order to record in our data base.

So, you are required to fill the form from the link provided below.

When you click on the link, the GİRİŞ (sign in) screen will appear. This screen is the page for the students completed their registration to enter their passwords and e-mails. You are required to complete your registration to the system before entering the form.

Please, fill out the form until 22 December 2013 Thursday.

Application Form
Application Link: http://www.turkiyeburslari.gov.tr/tbbs/


In the form you are required to upload these documents:
1. Photograph
2. ID card (Passport pages showing your ID info or valid ID card)
3. TOMER registration certificate(If you are in TOMER currently)
4. Student certificate (If you are registered to your university)

Foreign Nationals Number
Foreign Nationals who stay in Turkey more than 6 months are given an eleven digit number. Those who got their residence permit can learn their Foreign Nationals Number from their residence permit papers. If you dont know your Foreign Nationals Number you can click on the link provided below and learn your number by entering your residence permit number abd personal information. If you have not got your residence papers yet, please indicate that. The ones who have not got their residence permit papers will be asked to fill this form again.

For the number YU: https://tckimlik.nvi.gov.tr/


Required Personel Informations For Sign-In

Scholarship Number Sent to personel e-mail address.
Vakıfbank IBAN Number Sent to personel e-mail address.

Banka Hesap Numaranız yoksa lütfen çağrı merkezimiz (0850 455 0 982) ile irtibata geçiniz.


Signing in section has three steps. First, you need to create your new account.

Click on "Sign Up'' button in the screen.


Later, you will be asked to confirm your info in the system. For confirmation, you need to enter your scholarship number and the last six digits of your bank account. These info (has been sent to your e-mail) is given in the table above.


Then, you will see the screen that you need to create your password. In this step,

  1. Write your name and surname as it is written in your passport.
  2. Produce a username ( Username must be your mostly used e-mail address)
  3. Then, produce a password, you can easily remember.




For your questions related to this form, use "I have a Question" link provided below.
You can deliver all of your questions by this form. However, choose 'Information Update' subject specifically for your questions related to this form.