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Important Announcement

1- Stipend Payments and 2013-2014 Monthly Stipend Amounts

Monthly stipends will be paid by October for the students who registered in 2013-2014 fall semester first time. There will be no payment for September. Stipend payments will be done in 25th of each month (For new students).

Monthly stipend amounts for 2014 has been increased according to decision of International Students Assessment Board as follows:

i. Ph.D. Students: 1.100 TL

ii. Specialty in Medicine: 1.100 TL

iii. Masters Students: 800 TL

iv. Undergraduate Students: 550 TL

v. Associate Degree Students: 500 TL

İncrease for Ministry/Success and Support Scholarship payments:

i. Ph.D. Students: 550 TL

ii. Masters Students: 450 TL

iii. Undergraduate Students: 350 TL

Increased stipend payments will start in January 2014.

2- General Health Insurance

We are working on legal procedures about including Scholarship students in general health Insurance with Social Security Institution. All scholarship students will benefit this health service at most in a month on general health insurance.

We need your Foreign National ID Number in order to start general health insurance procedures. We have most of our students' foreign national numbers in our records.

We will send a form in order to gather this information to the students who are accepted in 2013-2014 education year for scholarship. (For new students).

Students whose scholarship have been cancelled will manage their own general health insurance procedures as students studying on their own expenses. They need to contact Social Security Institutıon provincial directorate in order to do their general health insurance.

3- Flight Tickets

Flight tickets for new students have been bought by us this year.

(For new students). New Students who travelled on their own expenses should send their flight ticket invoice including price to us by mail or e-mail. This document has to be send until 10 December 2013. For Flight Ticket Compensation Form: http://www.turkiyeburslari.gov.tr/index.php/en/bir-sorum-var

While filling the form select "Refund (Ticket-Residency Document). Don't forget to upload your flight ticket receipt which must indicate price of the ticket.

Mailing address: Yurtdışı Türkler ve Akraba Topluluklar Başkanlığı, Oğuzlar Mahallesi, Mevlana Bulvarı No:145 P.K: 06520 Balgat/Ankara

Students who have been graduated should contact us with their graduate certificate for the flight ticket. Return tickets will be provided by us to the students who graduated.

4- Residence Permit Costs

(For new students). Residence Permit Costs (198 TL) will be compensated by us for the new students. This amount will be paid in December to your bank accounts. There is no need to send any documents to us except a form we want you to fill.

5- Bank Accounts

(For new students). Bank accounts have been opened by us for new students. However, we cannot complete some of the students's accounts procedures as there are some missing information of them.

Students who dont have bank accounts should go to a Vakifbank branch with their residence permits in order to open bank accounts. Don't forget to mention that you are Turkiye Scholarships student at the bank. If there is any problem, ask them to call Vakifbank Cankaya Branch to confirm.

You can learn by calling our Call Center whether you have bank account or not.

6- Turkish Language Education

(For new students). There will be 25% cut from monthly stipend for 3 months for the Turkish Language Preparation Students absent more than 20 hours in a month from their classes. Students who are absent more than 100 class hours without excuse or permission will lose their scholarships.