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Masters of Art Program in Political Studies at Istanbul Technical University (English)

The M.A. Program in Political and Social Thought offers an inter-disciplinary education that aims to foster cutting-edge scholarship and innovative research. One of the core missions of the Program is to provide its students with a comprehensive, up-to-date curriculum that transcends narrow disciplinary boundaries and nurtures critical understanding of central questions pertaining to politics. It provides an intellectually stimulating environment where students can find the opportunities to develop their own potential in order to critically adjudicate and improve social relations and norms around them and take action to change them when necessary, to achieve personal traits that harmonize democratic values with a greater sensitivity to and respect for the environment and society, to be open to new developments and changes, internalize freedom and equality, and combine local values with global ones and particular values with universal values.

Must Courses

• Political Philosophy
• Globalization and International Relations
• Formation of the Modern State
• Methodology in Social Sciences
• Seminar

Elective Courses

• Selected Topics in Current Politics
• Political Geography
• Science and Politics
• Urban and Environmental Politics
• Language and Politics
• Political Thought in Modern Turkey
• Selected Topics in Ottoman History
• Selected Topics in Turkish Political Life
• Contemporary Political Theory
• Political Sociology
• Advanced Academic Writing in Social Sciences
• Ancient Political Theory