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Institute of Rumi Studies at Selçuk University

Vision of the institute is to become an authority in domestic and international platforms in the field of Rûmî and Mawlawiyya culture by producing new knowledge and providing guidance through interdisciplinary and coordinated works that are appropriate to tradition and to rational, objective and scientific research methods.

Institute of Rûmî Studies aims to understand and to present in truest form the famous Turkish Muslim Sufi thinker Mawlânâ Jalâl al-Dîn Rûmî's works, thought tem and his path, the Mawlawiyya, whose essential principles he has determined, and to research the culture and art of this path, To produce correct knowledge according to historical facts and appropriate to tradition by removing misunderstanding and misperceptions, To educate academically about the topic, and alongside raising researchers and scholars, supporting already existing schooling and research, To become a coordination center for all works on this topic and to organize works that are of an international scope.


• Philosophy of Islamic Art

• Mawlawi Music

• Mawlawi Poets

• Translations and Commentaries of Mesnevi

• Mawlawi Culture

• History of Seljuks of Anatolia

• Thought Movements in Seljuk Era