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Latin and North American Studies

American countries left serious impressions on both the production of academic knowledge and world politics especially in the last century and it still maintains this impression. The construction of a vision concerning world politics could not be possible by ignoring neither North America comprising USA and Canada nor Latin America countries such as Brazil, Chile and Argentine. Hence, the understanding of these countries' inner politics and relationship with the other countries should be non-ignorable aspect of the serious perspective regarding world politics. The acquisition of this academic perspective could just be possible in a country that achieved constructing strong relationships with this area, that have history and, economic and social connections with the Latin and North American countries and in such an atmosphere that includes academicians who knows the area and the languages in this area well.

Both close interest of qualified universities on this topic and the professional and personal interests of the academicians in these universities provide a basis for establishment of typical approach in Latin American and North American Studies in Turkey. In MA programs adopting interdisciplinary approach, it is contingent to take courses in several areas ranging from Latin and North American countries' cuisine culture to their economic structure, from the regional organizations they are the member of to their languages. These programs providing various academic opportunities on Latin and North America also provide an opportunity to construct a direct relation with the area by the conferences, conversations and other academic activities given by the academicians of related countries.

The prominent universities in Turkey that give place MA programs in the area of Latin and North American Studies are Ankara University and Middle East Technical University (Ankara). In the related courses of these universities, it is given detailed historical background including the historical period ranging from stepping Monarchic Spain on South America to Latin America regimes in Cold War era. In addition, the aggregation that will contribute to carry their historical knowledge to political platform is provided for academician and diplomat candidates in the channel reaching out from American foreign policy to the structure of international regional organizations like NAFTA. Besides this aggregation, in order to supply an opportunity to candidates for direct reading about the area, it is given importance to Spanish courses and offered cultures concerning the cultures and the structures of communication of Latin and North American Countries.

Open Programs

Master of Arts in Latin and North American Studies at ODTU

American countries, especially in the last century, had an ongoing influence on both producing knowledge and world politics. Ignoring either Northern American countries like USA and Canada or Latin American countries like Brazil, Chili and Argentina is impossible in creation of a vision on world politics. Therefore, understanding these countries' domestic politics and their relations with other countries should not be neglected for a well-established perspective on world politics. Gaining this perspective is possible only in an academic environment where the academicians are specialized on the area and the languages spoken in the area and where in a country that has made economic and political connections with the area.

Both Turkey's well-known universities' interest in this subject and the academicians' personal and professional interests set the ground for emergence of an original approach to Latin and North American Studies. Interdisciplinary MA Programs concentrates not only the politics but also Latin American countries' other aspects like their cuisines or their memberships in regional organizations or their languages. These programs make all academic facilities available like giving highly effective conferences and talks or making direct connections with the area via academic activities.

Two prominent universities on the Latin and North African Studies are Ankara University and METU. MA programs in these universities give opportunity to obtain basic knowledge on the area by the courses formed from the Monarchy of Spain's arrival to South America to Latin American regimes during the Cold War. Also, specialized courses on like American Foreign Policies of NAFTA's organization structure contribute academicians' and diplomats' intellectual treasure for relating the historical data with the international politics. Besides, Spanish courses give an opportunity for close readings.