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Culture, History and Art Studies

Master of Arts Program in History of Turkish Republic at Sakarya University

The aim of this program is to grow up undergraduates in frame of the methodology of modern social sciences as expert in History of Republican Period who could analytically and academically evaluate historical events and comment them in causal connection.


• 20th Century European Political History
• Analysis of Ataturk's Principals
• Analysis of Ataturk's Revolutions
• Political History of Turkish Republic
• Readings in History of Republican Era
• Social Welfare Policies from Constitutional Period to Republican Period
• History of National Struggle
• Research Method and Bibliography in History of Turkish Republic
• Readings in History of Turkish Revolutions
• Foreign Policy of Turkish Republic

Master of Arts Program in Critical and Cultural Studies at Boğaziçi University

This program aims to offer students the theoretical and analytical tools with which to read culture critically. It is designed to enable them to analyze a wide range of cultural texts and practices in the light of contemporary cultural and critical theories. It also allows students to pursue their particular interests within an interdisciplinary and cross-cultural framework.

In addition they will be asked to choose four graduate courses from a pool of courses in related fields subject to the consent of their advisor, and to write an M.A. thesis. Students whose undergraduate degrees are not in English Literature are required to take at least one elective course from the English Literature pool.


• Introduction to Critical and Cultural Theory I
• Methodology and Research
• Graduate Seminar
• Special Studies in Criticism and Culture

MA and PhD Programs in Turkish Art at Marmara University

These programs aim to become an institution of science and art where generations who have adopted our mission are prepared for the future and where, by establishing the substructure required to educate qualified scientists and artists in their relevant fields, offering the latest and highest quality technical equipment to the service of our academicians and students, works of art that are produced and studies that are conducted by academicians and artists who will contribute significantly to the enlightenment of the society and the academic and artistic world, who constantly aim at progress and development rather than inactivity, imitation and repetition, and who explore, reflect and produce, through scientific and artistic activities.

MA Courses

• Settlements of Eyüp
• Settlements of Kadıköy
• Architectural Inscriptions
• Ottoman Palace Architecture
• Ottoman Building Types
• Seljuk Decoration

PhD Courses

• Domestic Architecture
• Ottoman Architectural Plastic
• Ottoman Coastal Palaces
• Ottoman Court Artists
• Ottoman Decoration

Master of Arts in Turkish Islamic Art at Mimar Sinan Fine Arts

In this program, courses on Turkish, Islamic, Ottoman and Western Art are balanced. The curriculum has must courses that has to be taken are enriched by the numeraous elective courses since freshman year. These elective courses builds up students understanding of history of art from several aspects and disciplines.


• 16. Asırdan Günümüze Kadar TİE Tarihi
• Başlangıçtan 16. Asra Kadar TİE Tarihi
• Edebi Bilgiler
• Farsça Edebî Metinler
• Nazım Şekilleri ve Arûz
• Türk Dili Tarihi
• Türk İslâm Edebiyatı Nev'ilerine Giriş
• Türk İslam Edebiyatının Kaynakları
• Türk-İslam Edebiyatında Neviler

Master of Arts Program in Turkish World Literature at Ege University

The Department of Turkish World Literature was founded in 1992 under the Institute of Turkish World Studies, Ege University. The main goal of the department is to identify, compile, and evaluate literary works produced in Turkey and other Turkish Republics and to undertake studies on these fields.

In this program, the main focus will be research, analysis and synthesis of literary works - as a product of the cultural inheritance of the geographical areas- produced in Turkish states mainly in Central Asia, Caucasia and Balkans.


• Modern Gagauzh Literature
• Modern Kazakh Literature
• Trends in Modern Turkish Literature
• Modern Uighur Literature
• Texts in Ottoman Turkish
• Turkology Studies in Russia
• Turkish World Literature
• Tasawwuf in Turkish Literature

Master of Arts in Ottoman Institutions and Civilization at Sakarya University

The aim of this program is to grow up undergraduates in frame of the methodology of modern social sciences as expert in the Ottoman Institutions and Civilization who could evaluate historical events and comment them in causal connection.


• Ottoman Craftsman Organizations
• Writing History- Approaches
• Manuscripts on Ottoman Institutions
• Ottoman Agricultural Culture

Master of Arts in History of Turkish and Islamic Arts in Selçuk University

This program aims to present a History of Art education by fulfilling them especially within the framework of wide range Anatolian culture and to raise competent scholars who principally preserve cultural inheritance. Besides, helping students develop their social, communicative and creative skills and being able to work as a team, also another highlighted purpose of the program.

The program envisions students who gained awareness on art, able to think scientifically and aware of cultural inheritance. The final purpose of the program is to provide students a well established background to make them successful in professional life.

Another aim of the program is raising well trained and successful art historians who are competent on world architectural inheritance and artifacts, particularly, Anatolian and neighborhoods.


• Early Islamic Art
• Turkish Art before Islam
• Terminology of History of Art
• Turkish Cultur and Mythology
• Classical Ottoman Architecture
• Miniature

Master of Arts in Turkish Islamic Art at Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University

MA program in Turkish Islamic Arts aims to educate high level researchers within the related branches of Turkish Islamic Arts who are able to get and produce academic knowledge within scientific criteria; able to research and analyze in national and international levels; able to share the knowledge with the shareholders and whose ability of analysis are developed.

The Division of Traditional Turkish Arts consisting of five programs has the objective of giving education directed to the recent and future demands. The aim of the personal artistic design has to be creative rather than being repetitive or conservative. The education at the programs is supported through theory and applications. In addition, the programs provide knowledge and experience in the fields of conservation and restoration of the cultural heritage in Turkey.


• Basic Art Training
• Turkish Decorative Patterns
• Perspective in Technical Painting
• Principles of Design
• History of Turkish and Eastern Arts
• Ottoman Turkish
• History of Art
• History of Culture
• Traditional Art Concepts
• Sociology of Art
• Ceramic Design
• Ceramic Technologies
• History of Turkish Ceramic Art
• Carpet-Rug, Old Fabric Patterns
• History of Turkish Calligraphy
• History of Turkish Ornamentation
• History of Turkish Bookbinding
• History of Turkish Carpet Art
• History of Turkish Art

MA and PhD Programs in Cultural Studies at Sakarya University

This program aims to make cultural studies in order to develop new theories and methodologies on the area; to undertake and help field studies in the field; to make inclusive academic studies concerning the different disciplines' definitions of culture like art, sociology and anthropology.

For this purpose, there will be interdisciplinary, historical and comparative studies in the following topics; cultural productions like art, literature, media, classifications of subcultures like sovereignty, popular culture, counter- culture, natural culture, domestic culture, global culture, city culture, intercultural interactions, cultural practices and its actors, collective memory, making sense of cultural history and contemporary art. Also, studying on these areas and supporting studies via collaboration to national and global public and private foundations, are other aspects of the program.


• History and Civilization
• Introduction to Islamic Sciences
• Basic Philosophical Problems
• Modern Social Thought
• Modernity, Daily Life and Identities
• Political Culture
• Readings in Tasawwuf
• Classical Languages (Ancient Greek and Latin)
• Ottoman Turkish
• Mesnevi Courses
• Introduction to Photography
• Introduction to Filmmaking
• Poetry and Poetics

Master of Arts Program in Turkish Religious Music at Marmara University

In this program, the following subjects are being investigated; music's influence on religious experience, Turkish music's – before and after Islam- role on establishing Turkish Civilization, source manuscripts of Turkish music theory and practice, samples of classical and religious Turkish music that reach today, prominent music lovers' biographies, instrumental and lyric forms of Turkish music.

Faculty's Turkish Music Chorus, established in 1983, continues to perform concerts especially folkloric and religious music which shape our members and public's musical taste.

Master of Arts Program in Turkish-Islamic Literature at Marmara University

This program enables researchers to study on the following areas; leading Turkish authors since Islam, central pieces of works of Turkish- Islamic Literature, textual analysis and hermeneutic interpretation, Ottoman Turkish, etc.


• Turkish Literature
• Children Literature
• Turkey's Turkish
• Language and Culture

BA in Gastronomy and Culinary Arts in Gaziantep University

This department aims to raise directive chiefs with a solid background supported with theoretical and practical knowledge. Self-esteem, artistic sentimentality, keeping up with new technologies and taking his/her profession one step further will be the values of our chiefs. During 4-year education, there will be courses on the basics of culinary arts, e.g., hygiene, storage conditions, risk factors and solutions as well as courses on management skills. Our department gives importance perfecting professionalism so that collaborate numerous managements for internship.

Having English and French training, participating applied courses in the executive kitchens by expert academicians, collaborating with expert chiefs are the opportunities that students will get.

Our department aims to present and popularize Turkish Cuisine in national and international level, stays loyal to original recipes of domestic kitchen. In addition to Turkish Cuisine, students here get training of World Cuisines.


• Basic Principles of Nutrition
• Baking Bread and Cake
• Foods in Movies and Literature
• Gastronomy and History of Food
• Traditional European Cuisine
• History of Food
• Basic Cuisine
• Food Decoration and Plate Design
• Food Formulations
• Hygiene and Safety
• Food Chemistry
• Food Technologies
• Modern Cuisines
• Beverages
• Human Resources Management
• Operational Management
• Menu Planning and Cost Analysis
• Applied Cuisine
• Job safety and first aid
• Growing Organic Vegetables
• Introduction to Marketing
• Art, Culture and Cuisine,
• Service
• Oenology
• Deserts
• Turkish Cuisine
• History of Civilization
• Vegetarian Cuisine
• Cooking Techniques
• New Tendencies in World Cuisine
• Food Industry

Master of Arts Program in Traditional Turkish Arts in Fatih Sultan Mehmet University

We are here to introduce well-raised individuals who have strong background on classical Turkish arts, e.g. Calligraphy, Ornaments, Miniature, Binding, Carpeting and Ceramic; who can synthesize his/her knowledge form experience with new movements in art; who can create original designs by right pattern on right material with the right method.

Young artists raised here will be the ones who are, competent on traditional art culture, who are aware of wealthy historical heritage, who have love and vision to bridge past and future, who can contribute on society's artistic and aesthetic taste by original works.


• Calligraphy Design
• Ornament Design
• Miniature Design
• Applied Calligraphy
• History of Calligraphy
• Calligraphy Schools
• Applied Ornaments
• History of Ornaments
• Applied Miniature
• Miniature Schools
• Applied Turkish Marbling
• Digital Photography
• Readings in History of Art
• Principles of Design and Theory of Color
• Turkish Ornament Patterns Design