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Turkish Language Education

turkceTurkish is a modern language which is spoken by almost 100 million people in the world. On that sense, Turkish language is one of the mostly spoken languages in the world after Chinese, Arabic, Hindu, English, Spanish, Russian, French and Portuguese.

Those Turkiye Scholarship holders who do not know Turkish are granted free Turkish language learning course for one year. Turkish Language course is obligatory for all students who are placed in Turkish or other medium education departments. Turkish Language Courses take place in the cities that students are going to study AT Turkish Education Centers (TÖMER). Language course takes 8 months and finishes in June. Students expected to have C1 level Turkish knowledge at the end of the course from the Turkish Sufficiency Test. Those students who are successful at the exam will continue their education at the university they're registered. Unsuccessful students will have additional time until September in order to take the exam and fulfill the language criteria.

If a student cannot fulfill the expected language score, his/her scholarship will go into abeyance for a year and his/her language course and other scholarship expenses will not be paid. His/her scholarship will be started again if the student can have C1 level Turkish Language Certificate in that year.

If student fails have C1 Level Turkish Language Certificate at his/her second chance, his/her scholarship and university registration will be cancelled.

Turkish Language Certificate Levels
Beginner (A1 and A2)
Intermediate (B1 and B2)
Advanced (C1 and C2)
For more detail please visit: http://www.tomer.ankara.edu.tr/english/