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Qualifications Required and Job Opportunities

Cumulative Grade Point Average (C-GPA) is most important criterion for the requirements of the programs mentioned in the Area Studies. Requested C-GPA is generally 2.75 over 4.00. Besides C-GPA, the proficiency in English is also an important criterion. In addition to the exams like TOEFL and IELTS, YDS, which is done by OSYM just in Turkey, is also acceptable. Additionally, candidates should provide two letter of recommendation from their previous professors. Moreover, the letter of intent written by the applicant is one of the important documents that will be evaluated.

For graduates having Master's degree from the programs mentioned in the Area Studies, there are opportunities, according to their interest, to do diplomatic career in international organizations or in the countries they are citizen of as well as continue academic career. Rise of globalization and the trend of territorialisation carry with the need of more area expert in diplomatic mechanisms.

Graduates completing their education in area studies also have an opportunity to work in media. Especially many media companies employ experts, who know various areas with their specific properties and who have the command of languages in related areas, in increasing amounts day by day. Besides, many national and transnational corporations that have wide trade network with specific areas need experts who know well their commerce areas including their language and culture.