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Mediterranean Research

The Mediterranean Basin has been the cradle of world civilizations and unique geographical position makes it a centre of attraction. Mediterranean, as a center of meeting, interacting and clashing of different religions and cultures, forms a crucial basis for researchers. Anatolia and the Republic of Turkey had been the key elements of this basis.

One of the prominent institutions in Mediterranean Studies in Turkey is Mediterranean Civilizations Research Institute (MCRI), hosted by Akdeniz University. The institute presents several graduate programs specialized on Ancient Mediterranean Studies, Medieval Mediterranean Studies, New age and Modern Mediterranean Studies. MA program in Ancient Mediterranean Studies is open to studies centered on Anatolian Mediterranean from different disciplines like history, archeology, epigraphy, numismatics, demography, geography, theology, sociology, cultural sciences and folklore. MA program in Medieval Mediterranean Studies focuses on the Seljuk era in Anatolia in which their contribution to Anatolian civilization via new Islamic identity. MA program in New age and Modern Mediterranean Studies is oriented by the Ottoman hegemony in Mediterranean Sea and afterwards. Ottoman Empire's commercial activities in the area, economic and political relations with the Italian city-states, Spain, French, England and Holland, power struggle in the Mediterranean Sea, nationalisms and colonization in the North Africa are the research areas.

Mediterranean Studies hosted by Istanbul University Institute of Social Sciences is a program where different disciplines like history, sociology and economics meet. This program stands out Ottoman Empire's marine activities in the Mediterranean Sea, by highlighting the idea that Ottoman Empire should be considered as a maritime state. Additionally, this program by giving importance to teaching Ottoman Turkish, as a neglected source language, opens new areas for researchers.

Open Programs

MA Program in Mediterranean Studies at Istanbul University

The Aegean Sea and the Island, considered as a part of Mediterranean Basin, have the same scientific importance. Considering the Aegean Island's important role in the history, studying the Island's political, administrative, martial and political developments and the Aegean Sea's Marine Law will be fruitful.

Mediterranean Studies Program is a research center for commercial movements and interstate relations of Mediterranean states. Mediterranean Studies Program contributes not only Historians, but also different disciplines like Economy, Sociology, Geography, International Relations and Law.

MA Program in Mediterranean Studies Program is carried out by the presidency of Professor İdris Bostan.


• Ottoman Turkish
• Turks and Maritime
• Ottomans and Western World
• Geographical Discoveries and Influences to the Mediterranean World
• Emergence of Mediterranean Cities
• Mediterranean World under Romans
• Ottoman Archives
• Society and Economy in the Mediterranean World
• History of the Aegean Sea and Greece
• Piracy and Maritime Commerce
• Islamic Maritime in the Mediterranean
• The Mediterranean Cultural History